10 Minute Rocky Road

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Total Time
5 mins
5 mins

I like this recipe because, not only is it so moreish, it is so easy to make and is fail proof. My girlfriends daughter passed it on to me.

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  • 2 (250 g) cadbury chocolate candy bars (crunchie if available or dairy milk)
  • 1 packet gummy worms
  • 1 packet marshmallows


  1. Melt Chocolate; Add chopped jelly snakes; Mix quickly into chocolate; Add marshmallows.
  2. (Mix very quickly as marshmallows may melt into hot chocolate) Spread into greased swiss roll tray and put into fridge to set; When set, chop into squares and put into patty cases (optional); Serve as sweet with coffee.
  3. PS.
  4. You can also add chopped nuts or chopped licorice to this recipe as well.