Australian Virgin

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2 mins
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An alcoholic virgin from down under!

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  1. Shake and strain into an ice-filled highball glass, and serve with a cherry.
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This was a very interesting drink - I can't think of a lot of them that mix wine and liquor. That said, this one works; you can still taste the wine, but the other flavors are complimentary. I used a black seal rum (Gosling's) with a sauvignon blanc (Barboursville) and DH and I sipped away! Thanks for sharing, momaphet!

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im not sure of the wine rum combo but i loved it either or i mixed up the rum pineapple juice cherry good
and another glass the wine pineapple cherry good but when put together didnt work for me the lightweight . so im giving 5 stars for one of the 2 for me made for zaar world tour 8