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Simply amazing! I found the posted amounts gave a perfect consistency and loved the sweet flavour of a nice ripe mango with just the hint of sour from the lemon and tang of the chili sauce. Being an Aussie I used Balmain Bugs but the substitutes listed would be great as well, using prawns / shrimps though I'd stick with the very large U6 or U8 size (less than 6 or 8 per pound) that have a similar taste to the bugs. Given the sauce can be made in advance and refrigerated and all the options can be cooked on a BBQ it would also make a great summer time outdoor meal as well.

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Peter J October 25, 2009

5 Stars for the Mango Sauce. It was delicious. I think it would go well with grilled chicken even better! It is really sweet, and I think a spicy grilled piece of chicken would accompany the sauce even better than the shrimp. Thanks for posting!

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breezermom May 15, 2009
Balmain Bugs (Shrimp) With Mango Sauce