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I made this only with 250g butter, cloves and allspice (allspice as a substitute for mace). I used Curvoisier Brandy. This is the 2nd time I am making this as it is really tasty, inexpensive and I can freeze it as well. It is a great recipe, thank you so much for posting!

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eva_anita June 26, 2011

The chopped egg and brandy reminded me of my nursing school days and a friend who would return from a weekend at home with a jar of chopped liver and a box of saltines. I halved the recipe but used 2 eggs and processed the mixture less than smooth (personal preference. It was everything I expected and more. I loved the touch of cloves. Warning - don't forget the saltines!

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Lorac January 08, 2003

This really goes a long way - I cut the recipe in half and there was still plenty to go round for 6 of us. Excellent flavour and very unique with the egg in it. I didn't see any gall bladders to remove but I did cut out the connecting sinew and discarded it. I used 2 tbsp "good" brandy. This is quick, reasonable and extra good Thanks Chrissyo it's a keeper

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Bergy July 29, 2002

I made this for Christmas and followed the recipe almost exactly, but had no brandy so used some porto instead. This was the biggest hit at Christmas dinner - before, during and after dinner, people were coming up to me and cursing me for "forcing" them to stuff their faces with my pate! I am so glad I made the full recipe, because otherwise there wouldn't have been any left for me! This was so easy to make. For other ease of reference, the full recipe filled 2x500ml ramekins, with enough room left to top both with a thin layer (maybe 3mm) of melted butter! Thank you so much for posting - this recipe is a keeper!!!

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Dottygumdrop December 26, 2009

A wonderful pate!! We couldn't stop eating it. Definitely in our favourites now! The only alteration was that I only used half of the butter.

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npsmama January 18, 2007

An excellent recipe, very staight forward and the end result was delicious. I took Bergy's advice and only made half of it, but then had to go and make another batch a few days later as the family loved it so much. I froze a pot of it and used it a 6 weeks later when friends came round, it was fab!!!! thanks

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Tulip-Fairy February 07, 2005

I was able to get my hands on some beautiful organic fed, free range chicken livers from a local Organic Valley dairy farm that also raises meat chickens, and I really wanted to do them justice. I found this recipe and after looking at several other recipes and showing the list of potential recipes to my husband, we decided to go with this one. AND I AM SO GLAD WE DID. This is a superb recipe! I just finished making it and putting the pate in the fridge. It almost filled one 8" bread pan. I was worried about the spices because I was thinking sage, thyme and/or rosemary would be better. But when all was put together and I sampled it, it was DIVINE. It tastes like the "good" pates that I try to find for the once-a year-holiday treat. I should not doubt the words of so many high reviews. I could see this being good with or without the brandy. Also, I did not have mace so I used 1/2 part nutmeg and 1/2 part allspice to substitute. Also, after pulling out the sinewy threads from the livers, I forgot to cut them into 1" pieces. But I cooked them in the soft onions and garlic on low heat and stirred frequently. This caused the liver to break up into a slurry while cooking but it allowed me to closely monitor the color so as not to overcook. Once cooked and I combined the rest of the ingredients, I kept adding salt and pepper in increments until me and Hubby were satisfied. I used a food processor but I bet an immersion blender would work just as well to bring this to a fine pudding texture. WOW. I am looking forward to trying this with beef and pork livers in the near future. What a great way to get your liver! Thank you Chrissyo!

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Monica-of-Breezy-Fields December 30, 2009

Making this for a 2nd time, as before I am using beef liver instead of chicken - and the flavor is wonderful! I made this the 1st time for the family that I buy our beef from - and they are clamoring for more...which I will gladly do! (None of them like liver - so I end up with lots of it - but they love this!)

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Stacey in BG!!! January 21, 2008

Yep, this was good,,, I halved the recipe but had no mace and substituted thyme... Didn't use anywhere this amount of butter... It made 3 pots... We ate one and froze the other two. Normally, I would give my neighbour my extras.. but not this one...I didn't have time to seal with butter.

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Elkaybee September 24, 2007

This recipe is truly delicious, but I have to admit I only used less butter than called for. For those that don't want to convert it goes something like this: 17.5 ounces of chicken liver (bit over 1lb), 8.75 ounces onions (just over .5 lb), 13 ounces butter in total (I used only 2 sticks or 8 ounces). I also added 3Tbs brandy. DELICIOUS! Even my cousin who hates liver loved this.

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MarielC December 23, 2006
Cheat's Chicken Liver Pate