Fairy Bread

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Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

This recipe brings back great memories from my childhood.. my grandmother would always serve it at high tea, making me feel so special to eat it

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  1. cut Bread into triangles.
  2. mix together cream cheese, honey and cheese.
  3. Spread over bread.
  4. Decorate with nuts and fruit.
  5. sprinkle glitter on top.
  6. **Edible glitter is sold in most craft stores. if you can't find it you can use sprinkles.
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This recipe was amazing. Even the spread for the bread went well with other things. We tried the spread with vanilla wafers and we just melted onto the floor it was so good. For the ingredients sprinkled on top, we used sprinkles instead of the edible glitter. I think the sprinkles made it look better than it would have with glitter. The finished product was amazing!

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It's magically delicious and adult-friendly as well as kid-friendly. :D It's richer than the Australian butter-and-sprinkles fairy bread, definitely will make again!

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Fabulous! What a great recipe - thanks for posting! FT:-)