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My oven has been unreliable so when called on to prepare a dessert this no bake option greatly appealed to me. Very easy to prepare, this yield a rich ending. I found coconut tea biscuits and used those for my base layer and replaced the hazelnuts with cashews on deference to the preferences to the intended recipient. I found the cookie layer a bit too sweet and remained a little sticky even after chilling for 14 hours. I might and suggest using salted butter to tame that just a touch. The added coconut and nuts were delicious and next time I would include other dried fruits including raisins or currants.

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justcallmetoni June 04, 2009

Ace ! I made a half batch and used an 8 inch X 8 inch pan. I love the idea of using broken up graham crackers-wonderful texture and taste! I subbed macadamia nuts for the hazel nuts. Love macadamia nuts! I followed **Jubes** advice and subbed in butter and a drop of coconut extract for the Copha. Thank you for sharing, bluemoon downunder. Made for Chow Hounds during ZWT5 Australia visit.

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WiGal May 21, 2009

*Reviewed during ZWT 5 Australia visit for team CHow Hounds* Great unbkaed slice/biscuits. I used some Arnotts Marie biscuits...but had to also add some Arnotts Shortbread Fingers as well (seems someone beat me to opening the packet of bickies!). Also used dessicated coconut in the recipe and to sprinkle over the choc topping. Cadburys choc used on top for extra Aussie flair. I added in the hazelnuts and the sultanas. I'm gluten-free so cant eat the slice...but my family are telling me that it is worth way more than 5 stars. They are giving 5 for taste and I'm giving 5 stars for for a super easy no-bake recipe. I used the microwave instead of the stove top for this recipe. For anyone making this recipe that cant source Copha...I suggest just using a tablespoon of butter as a good substitute. Photo also being posted. THanks bluemoon...this is a great recipe :)

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**Jubes** May 21, 2009

Such a perfect thing that everyone loved! I was kinda weirded out by using just broken graham crackers rather than crumbs, but they turned out great! I'm not a big icing fan so halved the icing recipe.

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Sam #3 April 28, 2009

wonderful i remember them from my childhood and i am 51 yrs and have not made it for so long i am making it to help me get over the withdrawal sysmptoms of smoking s little bit each day instead of smkes, thankyou for such a simple and loverly treat to reward myself with each day i dont have a smoke

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dragoncook February 18, 2009

10 stars ... this was INHAILED !!!!! It did take a little guess work as to the amount of biscuits needed but that said, this is easy and DELISH!!! I made this yesterday intended for 4 people as gifts, two got theirs and the rest mysteriously dissapeared so I will be making it again this weekend by popular demand. I made it without the sultanas and liked it that way, and this has become and instant, instant hit in this house. I used only 250g chocolate for the icing and subbed butter for copha ( it didn't make sense to go across town to the UK speciality shop to get it when only 1 tablespoon as needed). Please see my Rating System: 5 mega brilliant stars for a recipe that I will be making OFTEN ! The one fault? I need to make LOTS of it to satisfy the demand and interest generated by this in only 24 hours.... WONDERFUL recipe, Thanks!

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kiwidutch December 19, 2008

DS's music recreation group loved these. I had bought some Marie biscuits but had to use them for something else and when I went to make these there wasn't time to go to the shops so I used some shortbread biscuits which had chocolate chips or macadamias in them plus the hazelnuts. I got 32 pieces from the slab. Thank you bluemoon downunder for a very easy and deliciously yummy biscuit recipe. Made for Edition 6 - Make My Recipe - a game of tag.

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I'mPat October 21, 2008

Have no idea how much I changed the intent of this recipe, but the resulting 'biscuits' are a great addition to the cookie/candy bake sale I'm running this weekend! Since I didn't have Copha, I made up a dark chocolate frosting that included flavoring from coconut extract, then spread a thin layer on the biscuits, & I thought they were great! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Zaar Stars Tag Game]

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Sydney Mike October 04, 2008

I used pistachio's instead of hazelnuts and it was still very yummy. Very easy to make, as well - a real bonus !!

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NovaM January 30, 2007

I used buy this all the time for morning tea at work. Now I never buy it because I make my own. My husband thinks this tastes better anyway. I even made up a batch to take to work for the girls before the Chritmas holiday. They all loved it to. Thanks.

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breetravis December 25, 2006
Hedgehog Biscuits