Iced Wattleseed Coffee

Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

An iced coffee recipe with an Australian twist.

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  1. Place ground coffee into coffee filter, place ground wattleseeds on top.
  2. Brew wattleseed coffee in the usual way to make about 1½ cups.
  3. Pour into jug.
  4. Stir vanilla and sugar into coffee.
  5. Chill.
  6. Beat cream until thick and stir slowly into coffee.
  7. Pour into two high glasses.
  8. Decorate with grated chocolate.
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Yum! I added a bit of the wattleseeds in it to give it a nuttier flavor as I'm still savoring the wattleseeds from a swap. I love it with cream. Thanks!

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Cool! I enjoyed this roasted coffee drink! My first experience with wattleseed and I loved it! taste a bit like roasted nuts and chocolate. Frangelico would be a tasty addition in this drink. Thanks!!!!