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Tasted more of lime than laksa, so I had to dilute it with more water. I think next time I'll skip the lime and use a tiny bit of lemongrass instead or make it from scratch (maybe the paste I was using already had heaps of flavouring in it)

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Anonymous May 02, 2015

This recipe takes me back to Malaysia, TRUE!<br/>Agree with Leggy Peggy, is better than anything in a restaurant too!<br/>HIGHLY RECOMMEND this recipe!<br/>Thank you! A DEFINITE keeper for me!<br/>UPDATE made this again with a "slightly" adapted version...STILL the best Malaysian Laksa recipe!

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mickeydownunder May 09, 2013

At long last I have found a laksa recipe that's better than anything I can buy in a restaurant. I was a little short of tofu and had an extra 20 grams of laksa paste, but otherwise followed the ingredients and method. The finished result was a little sparse on broth, but I find that restaurant versions are usually overloaded with liquid, so that wasn't a problem. Thanks you so very much for posting, Rose. This goes straight into my 100-star cookbook.

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Leggy Peggy March 03, 2012

The DH declared we will make this one again. For allergy reasons I had to sub spring onions (white section) for the shallots in the paste and as I had bought peeled prawns I fried some dried shrimp/prawn in the oil. We did omit the tofu, coriander and fried shallot but added scallops, fish and some baby bok choy. Thank you Chef floWer for a delicious soup with lots of taste. UPDATE - still so good. UPDATE - still a winner, used some fresh vegies from the garden and vermincelli noodles only (friendlier on the blooc sugars) and still thorougly enjoyed (only did enough seafood for 2 but enough broth for 4 and have frozen the other 2 serves of broth for a quick laksa for the DH and Ir.

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I'mPat December 09, 2010

ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! For the spice paste, I used an extra red chilli to add a little extra kick! Used fried tofu, skipped out the fish balls and added in a tin of straw mushrooms. For the topping, I used rice noodles, left out the chicken breast and bean sprout and since I'd added in the extra chilli in the paste, I didn't use any for garnish. Oh ya, I was pressed for time to fry the shallots so left that out too. Thank you, Chef floWer, for sharing this wonderful recipe, I definitely will be making it again, hopefully with all the original listed ingredients! :)

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum July 28, 2008
Malaysian Laksa