Midnight Mojito

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

Like my mojito but with amber rum. Found this on an Austrailian sight. Made a little different then my version. DEPAZ Amber Rum is used in this.

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  1. Squeeze fresh lime wedges, place ingredients into a shaker -- shake 15 - 20 times.
  2. To serve as a traditional mojito - empty entire contents into a tall, highball glass top with club soda if necessary.
  3. Serve to impress - strain mojito into cold Martini glass - garnish with lime and/or mint leaf.
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looked up this recipe for my boyfriend as he loves mojitos and he was verry pleased with this recipe!!

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It is, indeed, different. And it's a yummy drink, but not what I am used to getting as a mojito. I recommend it nonetheless. The amber rum makes quite a difference!

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I love the fresh taste of mojitos! So crisp and fresh with the mint and lime. I was afraid this one may be too strong for me, but it proved me wrong. I did serve with the club soda, as suggested. But the power of the mint and lime over shadowed the amber rum and the taste was still as crisp and refreshing as other mojitos I have had. I enjoyed this, Rita! Thanks for much for sharing : )