Milo & Strawberry Sundaes

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

This is a great treat for the kids and one that's not too bad nutritionally. Toddler DD loves this as a special dessert only when she's eaten all her dinner of course!!

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  1. Chop strawberries.
  2. Divide 260g (1 cup) vanilla yoghurt among four serving glasses. Divide one-third of the strawberries among the glasses.
  3. Sprinkle 2 tsp Milo over the strawberries in each glass.
  4. Continue layering with 520g (2 cups) vanilla yoghurt, the remaining strawberries and 40g (1/3 cup) Milo. Serve.
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Simple and delicious loved the crunch of the chocolate milo with the sweetness of the strawberries and the slight tartness from the French vanilla yoghurt. Thank you **Mandy** made for Bargain Basement game.