Moroccan Chicken Wrap With Tahini Sauce

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Total Time
15 mins
12 mins

Delicious for those who love Moroccan flavorings, really low fat and really quick to prepare. From an October 2005 issue of the Australian magazine 'Fresh Living'. The preparation time below does not include the 15 minutes marinating time.

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  1. Place the chicken thighs in a shallow dish, combine the Moroccan spice mix, lemon zest and salt and pepper and rub it into the chicken thighs; cover and marinate for 15 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, combine the yoghurt, tahini, garlic and lemon juice in a bowl and season to taste. Set aside.
  3. Cook the chicken under a preheated grill for 10-12 minutes, turning halfway through the cooking time. Rest for 5 minutes, then thinly slice.
  4. Arrange the mixed salad leaves, tomatoes, tahini sauce and sliced chicken in the centre of each flatbread. Wrap and serve warm.