Orange and Leek Lamb

Total Time
10 mins
10 mins

My overseas visitors have always loved this recipe and so do we. From Australian Women's Weekly Great Barbecue Cookbook.

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  1. Combine lamb, leek and marinade in bowl, refrigerate for several hours or overnight.
  2. Barbecue lamb and leek, brushing with marinade, until tender.
  3. Marinade: Combine all ingredients in bowl; mix well.
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This was a nice way to grill lamb. I only wish the flavours were a bit more intense. I marinated it overnight, so I thought they might be stronger, but the lamb and leek were lovely together. Thanks!

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This marinade really enhanced the natural sweetness of the lamb. I made a couple of minor adjustments - used loin chops instead of steak, cooked with my grillpan on the stove and I didn't include the rum as I didn't have any (or anything else which might have been suitable - Baileys wouldn't have worked I don't think LOL). I love rosemary with lamb, and the orange gave an extra zing.

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Delicious. I marinated my lamb for 9 hours. I put foil over an area of the grill for the leeks (so they wouldn't fall through the grates). My lamb was very moist and tasty. Thanx!