Poached Eggs on Crumpet

Total Time
10 mins
15 mins

I really like the way my egg yolk penertrates though my buttery crumpet. It tastes so yummy. I serve this with 1/2 dozen strawberries or cheryy tomatoes. Bacon on the side would be nice too, but I have never felt like bacon with this.

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  1. sired doneness while the crumpets are toasting.
  2. Poach eggs to disired doneness.
  3. toast crumpets.
  4. spread crumpets with butter and top with eggs.
  5. place strawberries or tomatoes on the side.
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I poached my egg for about 4 minutes. A little tip: swirl the water in a spiral, then slide in egg. The white will wrap around itself and keep together better. This was good. Thanks!

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This is really enjoyable. I have always had my poached eggs on toast however; the crumpets work out so much better because all of the nooks and craneys soak up the egg yolk. I will definitely make this again. Made and reviewed for the July 2010 AUS/NZ Recipe Swap.

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Love poached eggs but never thought to put them on a crumpet and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed though I did do just one egg, thank you djmastermum made for Name that Ingredient tag game.