Prawn and Rice Salad

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Total Time
30 mins
0 mins

This is a lovely salad, perfect for a main course for a summer lunch. Serve with good French bread and a green salad. I always add more prawns.

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  1. Cook the rice in boiling, slated water until just tender.
  2. Drain, and rinse well in cold water. Shake well to remove any excess water.
  3. Combine oil, lemon juice and herbs and season well.
  4. Mix this dressing into the rice, whilst the rice is still warm. Leave to cool.
  5. Chop spring onions and capsicum finely.
  6. Cover tomatoes with boiling water and leave for a couple of minutes. Drain water and remove tomato skins. Chop finely.
  7. Add prawns to the tomato, onion and capsicum and then mix well with the rice.
  8. Pile on to a serving dish and scatter chopped parsley over the top.