Salmon Cutlet With Olive and Mustard

Total Time
5 mins
10 mins

Something super simple and different to throw on the BBQ.

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  1. Put the olives through a garlic press into a small bowl (or otherwise finely dice / crush them). Let the juice run into the bowl at the same time.
  2. Add mustard, garlic and olive oil with and whisk together with a fork.
  3. Lightly spread mixture over both side of the salmon.
  4. Heat BBQ plate at medium to low temperature and lightly oil the plate.
  5. Cook until done turning once. I normally look at the change in colour at one end. When it's about half way through turn and when the same texture has gone the whole way through it's ready.
  6. Nice served with some vegetables that have been lightly grilled on the BBQ at the same time.
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excellent. I had reservations about the meld of tastes, but it was perfect. I chopped the olives and added to the pan when I turned the fish over. I have 11 mustards here, but had to use french seeded mustard! Served with potato salad and green salad. a keeper!

Excellant ! I made the recipe as directed. Really nice flavor.

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The flavors are excellent. Steel-head trout was used in place of the salmon. I did have have problems with the olive tampenade adhering to the fish. I think that next time I would grill the fish, turn and top it with the olive mixture. This was served with oven roasted corn on the cob and asparagus. Made for Aussie Swap.