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Double yum!!! DH and I love these. I made as written and like PaulaG I did cut the noodles a little before adding them to the mixture. I have made these twice already and definately will be making again this summer. Thank you for posting and this is going into my Favorites of 2014. Served with sweet chili sauce. Made for Aussie Swap #86.

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mama smurf March 21, 2014

this deserves 5 stars just for being forgiving :) made this for family, 6 of us, (3 kids) no capers or raw mushroom, AND I totally overcooked the noodles, but, they kept eating them as I kept rolling them :)
Used chilli sauce, and a thai dipping sauce, kids had tomato sauce :)
I have tried these before, not a hit! but these were!
thanks Peter, made for Aussie swap, march 2012

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mummamills March 14, 2012

I loved these and will make these again during the hot summer months. The recipe was on target with 4 rolls. The rice noodles were lightly chopped before adding to the mix and I didn't realize until I was writing the review that I left off the olive oil. The sweet chili sauce was used as a dipping sauce. Made for *Aussie Swap*

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PaulaG April 12, 2010

We enjoyed these. A nice Aussie style variation on a traditional asian dish. I used the same amount of salmon, no capers, doubled the remaining ingredients and used appro 200grams of vermicelli rice noodles. I drained the rice noodles super well. I used 16 cm (the mini variety) of rice paper sheets (Banh Trang Vietnamese rice paper sheets). I soaked the rice paper sheets and then laid them onto a clean t-towel while I filled them. This helps to absorb any excess water. We had them as finger-food with sweet chilli as dipping sauce. The extra noodles inside allow for finger-food style eating. Thanks Peter for another great recipe and I hope to post a photo also

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**Jubes** February 14, 2008
Smoked Salmon Rice Paper Wraps