Spring Vegetable Coleslaw

Total Time
6 mins
0 mins

This is a Kraft recipe, love the sound of having coleslaw with bacon added, gotta love bacon!!!

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  1. Combine all vegetables & then pour over dressing & toss lightly.
  2. Chill before serving.
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I absolutely love home made, hand made freshly made coleslaw. This was a basic recipe but the addition of the bacon gave it that extra I love finding in a good coleslaw. I can't eat raw mushrooms (hate the texture) so subbed a little green capsicum and red onion for them.

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I scaled this back to 3 serves and the DM, DS and myself thoroughly enjoyed, the was just a little bit left over which DM has claimed for her lunchtime sandwich tomorrow. I did add red and green cabbage otherwise made as written and used mayo as I don't like coleslaw dressings. Thank you **Mandy**, made for Edition 6 - Make My Recipe - a game of tag.