Sweet and Sour Chicken

Total Time
30 mins
10 mins

I fancied some sweet & sour chicken with a good quantity of nice thick sauce but couldn't seem to find a recipe so came up with this. I used Bill Hilbrich's Sweet Sour Sauce Secrets as a starting point for the sauce. It makes a generous size dish for two with lots of sauce for the rice / couscous or you could use say 500g of chicken and divide it four ways.

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  1. In a small saucepan saute the onion in olive oil over a low-medium heat until soft but not brown.
  2. Drain any excess, mix with the pineapple pieces and bell peppers and set aside.
  3. Rinse the saucepan, add the "sauce part 2" ingredients and mix thoroughly.
  4. Bring to a gentle boil stirring constantly until sauce starts to thicken slightly, remove from heat and stir through the "sauce part 1" ingredients. I did this in advance and refrigerated a while.
  5. Season chicken with salt and/or pepper as desired.
  6. Cook chicken pieces in oil over medium - high heat for around 7-10 minutes until cooked through.
  7. Meanwhile gently warm back up the sauce and serve over the top along with rice or couscous.