The River Cafe Chocolate Nemisis

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Total Time
1hr 20mins
20 mins
1 hr

Haven't tried this yet, but sounds perfect for a dinner party or when friends drop round.

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  1. heat oven to 160.
  2. line 27cm springform pan with foil.
  3. melt butter and chocolate.
  4. allow to cool.
  5. beat eggs and sugar until thick.
  6. fold into the cooled chocolate mixture.
  7. pour into prepared pan and place in a large baking tray and fill half way up the sides with boiling water bake for one hour.
  8. turn off oven and allow to cool in oven.
Most Helpful

Actually, upon really LOOKING at this recipe---it isn't the version in the Rogers Gray River Cafe cookbook, which calls for 7 TB water, etc. So if you want the actual AWESOME Chocolate Nemesis----get the book version. Can't vouch for this version.