West Australian Beer Marinade

Total Time
6hrs 10mins
10 mins
6 hrs

Post of ZWT 5. Recipe found on the internet. Time indicated includes marinade time.

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  1. Place your steaks in a large dish with a lid or ziplock bag.
  2. Blend all the marinade ingredients in your food processor until you have a smooth liquid with no significant chunks.
  3. Pour over steaks and marinade for 6-12 hours.
  4. Grill as desired.
  5. * This is a great marinade for beef and chicken, but really works it's magic on gamier meats such as lamb, turkey, kangaroo, venison and goat.
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Just a nice, classy steak marinade with a touch of heat. The orange and lime pulp, along with the shallots, rests on the steak before turning and keeps the flavor seeping in as it cooks. I spooned on some more after turning the steaks on the gas grill; there was plenty. Although we charred the surface of some of the first batch, the inside was tender and medium rare, and the ones we grilled perfectly were, ah, perfect. Made for Zaar World Tour 5 for the Genies of Gourmet (and reviewed too late to count for anything but enjoyed anyway).